Energy Efficiency Focussed

Every aspect of the application will be taken into consideration, to ensure the best possible energy efficient system design is proposed. Taking into account environmental conditions, location and space available, it is also important that the plant layout is optimised

Services Competitively Priced

We offer competitive daily rates for all services, also providing fixed price quotations for a complete consultation, with prepared design specification and drawings to facilitate an RFQ to industry leading supplier and service providers


There are many ways to provide energy saving process cooling systems, and with our 40 year experience in this field we will present as many design options as possible, depending on the application and space available for the proposed system


We provide cooling system design and application training for your sales team, along with mentoring and relationship building


"Having previously worked in my career as an accredited supplier with the Carbon Trust, I study ways of integrating energy efficiency into the overall system design. Provision of a running cost analysis with projected savings in kWh is included in the overall design proposal"

Nigel Hallett - Director


"40 years in the process cooling industry, recently being owner and Managing Director of an innovative process cooling systems provider. Specialising in the Plastics Processing Industry, but with sound knowledge in many processing industries, including food and soft drinks manufacturing, chemical, engineering, recycling and pharmaceutical products production"

Nigel Hallett


I am really passionate about the industry and have been fortunate to have worked with and been supported by a large number of colleagues and business partners Worldwide. I will bring to you a wide range of experiences in process cooling, that will help your business determine the best way forward for your design and application. Among my many sporting passions you can see that I love cricket!


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